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Friday, October 29, 2004

I Got Bragging Rights!!

"Jaz, guess what?!!" Teng exclaimed as she barged in on our Business Law class during the break.
"Yeah, what?" I replied nonchalantly
"You passed the Management Principles validating exam!!" she remarked
"I what?! Really????" that got my full attention now.
"Yes you did...and only 2 of you passed!"
"Aww..come on, you must be kiddin' me, Teng. The results haven't been posted when I checked earlier."
"Totoo nga, you passed. You're JASMIN CHAN right? Ikaw lang naman siguro ang Jasmin Chan dito sa LSGH nho! The results are not yet posted nga, but we've asked na. If you don't believe me, go ask the GSB office."
Despite Teng's assurance, I still gave her the suspicious look.
"Alright Jaz, I'll accompany you to the GSB office....that way, you'd know if I am telling the truth."

"Ms. Mina, I...."
"Ms. Chan, no need to passed. Actually, only 2 of you passed! Congrats!"
"Oh, uh, um..." for the first time in years, am dumbfounded...I didn't know what to say 'cept for a slight mutter of "thanks".

I slowly opened the door to our class where my classmates are waiting for my results confirmation. Not being able to contain the suspense any longer, a classmate of mine called out " So...?"
A slow grin crept up my face & peals of hurrahs & congrats' filled the air & broke through the silence of the room.
"Libre, libre, libre..." chanted some classmates
"Tuna naman diyan" Aga & Frances called out almost simultaneously
Whoa, thank you so much Lord for allowing me to pass that bitch of an exam(uh, sorry bout that word)...rather, arduous exam....but now Lord, I think I'll pass out on the notion of having an entire class of 30 something to feed!
"Alright guys, tig-IISANG lata kayo ng tuna" I replied while mentally calculating the total cost...Uh oh, there goes my budget for the week!
"Grabe sure saved a lot in passing that subject. Imagine, you save around 6-10k of tuition, on time & a LOT on effort on case studies & projects!" Frances explained.
"Yeah. A lot of savings for you there, Jaz. Galing mo talga. Genio! Promil Kid ka rin siguro nho?" Kit cajoled.
"Haha, more like Bona Kid for me. Liza is the Promil Kid in this class!" I joked back.

My! This day's turning out mighty fine for me. First, I've got my name plastered in the Dean's List section of our campus, and now, am being held up on a pedestal for passing one of the most difficult (if not the most difficult) validating exam...seems too good to be true huh? Well, not that am no good academically speaking, as my undergraduate grades could have proclaimed me a Cum Laude if not for my Filipino teacher giving me a 1.5 in her subject which eliminated me from joining the scholarly ranks! hmph! not really expecting that I'd do well in this MBA stuff....but all these praises tonight is sort of like lifting me high into cloud 9....not a bad feeling...gonna possibly get hooked with this feeling hehe....Hah! I have a couple of things to say pala to those peeps who eagerly thought and secretly wished that I'd not make it to the cut....."IN YOUR FACE!!! I bet you are so envious that I not only made it to the cut, but I managed to be one of the only 2 persons to make it!" hahaha....ruthless with words, aren't I?NAH! just got BRAGGING RIGHTS! =P

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sweat It Out!

Parched lips....
Sweaty palms....
Fiery eyes smoldering with sensation....
Heated and aroused bodies trembling in anticipation as one drives it in to the other, while the latter receives and returns the action....
Jerking movements continue, until finally, exhilarated shouts echo throughout....Yes, Oh Yes! SCORE 1 !!

This is the typical scene you'd encounter in a BADMINTON GAME...tsk tsk tsk, what were you guys thinking huh? I'll bet on a thousand bucks that your minds were cerebrating on some indecent thoughts there ei? tsk tsk tsk, VERY NAUGHTY of you hehehe. Let me remind you once again, guys, my webbie is for GENERAL PATRONAGE and not some PG or RATED18 or whatever you call it, and hence, don't expect that I'll be putting any sleazy articles here. Wholesome tayo dito nho!

Badminton -- currently the latest craze in healthy living. Never thought I'd be enjoying the sport as much as I do volleyball & softball, and never in my hopes that it could be so addictive. Surely if badminton's a drug, I'd be swimming HIGH with it...and that is just after some 4 game sessions I've had with my childhood pals & their pals & their pals' pals.

Now what exactly is making this sport such a HIT among peeps of all ages? Well, for one, the game is relatively easy to play (just hold the racquet & hit the flying feathered thing they call a "shuttlecock" and your own your way to getting high with the game.....uh, just make sure that you don't hit any other flying feathered objects other than the shuttlecock, or else it's called FOWL...haha...lousy joke).

Second, the game doesn't have so many troublesome rules as there are in Basketball, Golf or Tennis.

Third, it is less strenuous and accident-free than any other extreme sports...unless of course you attempt on catching/returning the shuttlecock to your opponent by sliding or diving in on the taraflex courts like I do....though not intentional...haayy, my body can't seem to comprehend that the badminton sport needs only proper stepping and occasional chases rather than actually chasing/diving for EVERY single ball that is sent my way just like in a volley game...oh well, more practice for me there hmm?

Fourth, the game is definitely one good form of exercise and is a natural way of trimming down inches of fat & burning excess calories. Plus, it is good for the heart & muscles (just like my Century tuna....hmm..tama bang i-promote ang product?! hehe). It is also an excellent way of releasing stress and tension. Trust me on this, I've got the word TENSE written all over me and badminton is my way of releasing it N-I-C-E-L-Y....well, it does seem better to focus my energies on the game & smash shuttlecocks rather than biting someone's head off, doesn't it? haha! But really, it is a form of healthy living and when we are healthy on the inside, it naturally shows on our outward, that means, less facial lines and wrinkles for you....literally, rejuvenation of the skin, body & mind.

Fifth, (my last, though there are, am certain, more reasons why the game is such a hit) is N-e-t-w-o-r-k-i-n-G. Badminton is a great way of meeting new friends and contacts....or maybe even potential and OuT of business =P

So, come on! Let's sweat it out and get physical!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Time Value of Relationships

Another Sunday just flew out the window….and here I am, again, all alone in my private little space in the office. Everything lies motionless, except for some little mickey mouses and some minuscule spidees off and about at this early Monday morning. It’s only 6:20AM on my watch. Looking across the street from where I’m standing behind our office’s semi-tinted glass windows, a parking lot remains entirely vacant but which would fill up in about an hour or so; a flimsy-uniformed maid half-walking & half-dragging her owner’s restless golden retriever around the corner lot; a pedestrian crossing unhurriedly down the idle street to where a gasoline station stands and where its workers are yet to prep up for another busy day….so peaceful and quiet….Ortigas Center has yet to wake up beneath the warm rays of the October sunshine slowly creeping its way out of the cumulus clouds overshadowing it. This is what I like the most in waking up and being in the office a lot too soon every morn…..a relatively serene & tranquil time…for myself.

From my self-declared observation deck, I made my way to our kitchen pantry and mixed myself a cup of 3-in-1 instant coffee. Instant. Hah! Everything’s instant nowadays. Rarely would you see items on supermarket shelves that require anything more than 3 minutes of cooking/preparation. Seems so impliedly attuned to the concept that time is of the essence nowadays, isn’t it? But should it? I’ve noticed, though quite recently, that our quality of life seems to be deteriorating as fast as it is improving. We all hustle and bustle about to get ourselves the finer things in life to rid us of all the functions and routines of every day life in order to facilitate our work and chores and thus save on much-needed precious time, but at the same time, losing it just as well to more work and trivial things. Just what is it you’re endeavoring to save precious time for? For more work? Hah, should that be the case, I feel sorry for you. There are more things in this life worth spending time for than just plain work, work and work. I do not dare say that work is of no importance, but that in comparison to other things, it is not the entire world.

Truth be told, I have been in that same bondage as some of you are probably in now. For the past couple of years, work and more work was the center of my universe. I worked hard to attain financial freedom & security - to buy things that I need and want, and to pay for my own bills and to help take care of my household; I worked hard to gain power - a name for myself….a name that is well-known and respected, probably even feared & loathed by some in the companies that I’ve worked with; I worked hard as a living proof – that my mom (despite her setbacks in life) was able to raise up a “NengGan” (capable & competent) daughter. Not bad for someone with still a couple more years to go before formally exiting the number of days on a monthly calendar. But all these did not bring me lasting happiness. What success (for some) that I already have, wasn’t the least bit satisfying. I thought, if I drove myself harder and farther up the ladder of success, then would I only find the happiness and contentment that I truly deserve. Foolish me for thinking and acting the way I did! For continually pushing myself up, I was dragging myself down….My relationship with my mom & some of my friends & colleagues suffered. I was constantly agitated and at a loss. Only when my mom got terribly sick over a year ago did I finally wake up from such stupor/frenzy. I guess I finally realized that life is too short to waste myself and efforts over riches, fame or glory…all of which are set only to give you temporary happiness. If you really want to find true happiness, put all your cares and worries in the wisdom that the Lord would see you through. If you really want to find happiness and contentment, look within yourself to find the “U” that you are underestimating and the family and loved ones that you are wielding apart.

Lately, I’ve found my joys in simple pleasures like spending quality time with my mom and friends. I buy lesser of these “instant” thingees and enjoy the time me & mama spend with each other in preparing the “actual” thingees. Through the constant support of my closest friends, I found the courage to say “NO” to my bosses when my means prohibit me from taking on additional work….even if entails no further salary increases or possible termination for me. I even got my butt back in school for MBA….something I’ve always been planning on but never really gotten to actually doing, until now. My weekend scheds are still usually full….but not from work any longer….rather, for some sports, relaxation, bonding, occasional group projects in school or whatever I wanna do . Still quite busy….but not quite stressing for a change.

Work will always be around….there’s always so much to do in so little time, but make sure that you make each moment count. This I say to you, readers, value more the people and relationships that you have (including that with yourself). Value the importance of TIME….but make sure that you manage it well, rather than having it manage you to hell! =P

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Twin Fantasies

After watching a cable replay of one of CSI’s case involving Identical Twins, I caught myself pondering over a line that was directed to one of the twins “how does it feel to have yourself staring back at you each moment of the day?” “Difficult….to completely see yourself and know full well that, that you is never gonna be you no matter how much you want it and that you’re not gonna be like you no matter how hard you try.” Hmmm…confusing & freaky, isn’t it?

I used to have a twin (or shall I say, half of a twin) for a classmate back in my elem days and boy, did I envy ‘em. They would switch classes during break periods just to see if their classmates and teachers could tell them apart….and of course, we couldn’t. And provided that scheduled quizzes are not simultaneously held between different classes, they would more often than not switch places. The only thing that could probably set them apart is that one of ‘em is better in Math & Sciences, while the other was good in History & Languages, but until you can prove which is which, it might probably be too late. Cool, isn’t it?

I remembered telling my mom once that I should have been born twice…I mean, with a twin. “ WHAT??!!! Don’t you know that it was EXTREMELY difficult forcing that hard-head of yours out of my womb that it had to be cut open?!! Now here you wish that there were 2 of you?!! And don’t you realize just how racking it was/is to raise you up, what more if there were 2 of you?!! I’d be happier dead than raising another tyrant like u. Hmph! Some gratitude you have! ” mama exclaimed. “Am I really that bad, Ma?” I ask sweetly, directing an angelic smile over her cryptic countenance. “Not really….BUT I wouldn’t want any more of you, that’s for sure. Sakit ka sa ulo e!” she sighed in resignation. Poor mama….I think she’s stressed…maybe I should give her back a massage….that usually works as my ‘lambing’ u know.

Now going back to my ‘twin’ fantasies, don’t you think it nice that you no longer have to look for a mirror or drag a friend to critique you just so that you’d know how you look on a particular hairstyle or apparel since you already have a walking barometer or gauge of a twin? Haha, poor twin of mine, would probably be my guinea pig in most cases. Or you could probably do whatever you want (even break some house rules) and get away with it just by saying “Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it!” at the same time pointing to your unsuspecting twin. Haha, some bright idea I got huh? =) But seriously speaking, having a twin is no joke. I think that deep inside the hearts of each twin lies the absolute diffidence each have over the other. That in most cases, each one would like to be the other….but no matter how hard they try, they just couldn’t. That’s exactly the point made by the twin in the CSI episode. But believe me, twin or no twin, we all are guilty of wanting to be someone we’re not sometimes. We all tend to focus so much on other people’s qualities & traits & forcibly change that of our own to be the person who we ‘think’ we should be, sometimes to the point that we forget our very own identity. It’s a pity that most of us think that way. Can’t we really accept the fact that we are who we are and that we were created to be the way that we are? Yes, we may not have the beautiful violet eyes of Elizabeth Taylor or the charisma & grace of Audrey Hepburn or the curves and height of Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks, but aren’t we all unique in our own little ways? I think the Lord created all of us a little bit differently from each other to brighten up the world with variety and spontaneity. Isn’t it a lot more stimulating to see something different every day? It definitely is!! Now, cheer up! Being unique is definitely more fun than being plain and common. So, stop envying those slender legs, those curvaceous bod, those angelic charm or those smart minds of your twins or of others….you’re U-nique! =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

S-S-B / N-B-S-B Chick

I got a few topic proposition from my friends for my blog section already….and guess what the majority wanted me to publish? Lessons and Adventures in L-O-V-E (mine in particular) …..Egads! Is that a trick question of some sort? You guys already know sure enough that my love life is SOOOOO exciting that it can put insomniacs to sleep within a couple of seconds, what more do you need to know about it? Isn’t that graphic enough? Uh, ok, let’s try it this way….in a rating from 0-10 (with 10 being the highest), my love life would more likely fall closer to 10 with a NEGATIVE sign than it is to zero…now, is that crystal already? Sigh….What the hell are you guys thinking when you decided to bombard me with love topics?!!

Hmmm…I see some grim faces staring at my page now….ALRIGHT!! Let me come up with something….

People often think and associate that being SSB (Single Since Birth) or NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) literally means either you are way too much of a high-standard & of a ‘pihikan’ (choosey in English) chick OR you have either the looks &/or the attitude of a hag. I, for one, am a sure certified SSB / NBSB chick but am definitely no Hag (imply that I am and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life! Joke!). In addition, when it comes to matters of the heart, I don’t think that SSB / NBSB peeps, like me, should be characterized as being ‘a wee bit too choosey’ as to the reason why we still have no partners! Hey, all of us makes oodles of choices every Single day (forgive my doubles, Ms. Wickie, am trying to be emphatic here) and the fact that you, for example, choose one option over another because the latter didn’t / won’t suffice or satisfy you, puts you in the same light as being characterized as choosey, don’t you think? How do we characterize one as choosey? Well, that’s very subjective. We all have different levels of standard and as such, exceeding one’s own level of standard may be considered already as “too choosey” for one person while probably not for another.

So, the next time you hear someone say that they’re SSB or NBSB, don’t be so quick to judge and tag them with “being choosey” as the reason that led to their singlehood. You never know….it may just be Destiny playing its part on their lives or they may just be exercising FREE WILL….which is exactly what my case is =)

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