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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Just can't contain my sort-of wrath any longer, so, here I am, ranting my heart once again on my blog. You know what's causing my ire this time? Well, how many of you have friendster accounts? Do your friends bombard, spam and clog your bulletin posts with meaningless chain letters and all? Well, mine do! As a matter of fact, my bulletin is always full of these "pass this unless you want something bad to happen to you" or "pass this so that friendster wouldn't delete your account" nitwitted glut!

My God! Are these people really that gullible as to believe that those chain letter brouhahas are for real?! Get a hold of urselves, dudes! We aren't living in the Middle Ages where witchcraft, sorcery, & necromancy abounds (that is, if there's any truth to those ancient middle age tales of black magic and stuffs)! You know it's quite funny to think that scientists consider modern people (like us) these days as shrewder and more level-headed than to be easily deceived and led to believe such hoaxes & nonsenses in comparison to our past counterparts. False notion, I guess, as most peeps still don't excercise or they choose not to excercise their reasoned judgment. They just hop in on the bandwagon of clogging and spamming bulletin posts and inboxes of friends & acquaintances without thinking whether the message that they are sending are completely true & accurate. Pardon me for saying this, I don't give a damn whether you are a conformist by nature or by choice, but being one doesn't mean that you have to dispense with your brains and reasoning. As long as you can't prove the validity of that what you are communicating or claiming, then, in my opinion, be kind enough to keep it to yourselves lest you confound your viewers & listeners! But if you really feel like sharing the message, then by all means do so, this is a free country....BUT confirm first the message you are sending with a credible and a proper source (note: credible AND a friend could be a credible source but not necessarily the proper that?). If it turns out that the information on what you want to send out can't be vouched, and still, you persist on the act of sending it, then, again, be kind enough to put a short note saying that it is not a fact but rather just a thought/opinion. But, in my way of thinking, who needs your damned opinion when it's not requested for anyway?!

And as for those who believe that a piece of scribbles could actually do you any harm, PULleease, quit the bullsh*t. God forbid! But I really want to beat some sense into you guys! However, if you're not daunted by my crisp words and vile temper, be more afraid of the One who could make even the devil cower in fear and in terror. Don't make Him come down and beat some sense into your stubborn mind and soul!


  • At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi 'chie Jaz! I agree...I hate those peeps who clog my inbox with all those chain letters. Yep, my friendster account bulletin post din pala! Nakaka-inis na nga ang continued posts that friendster would be deleting accounts if you don't forward the message and all. Hay, sila na lang kaya ang i-delete natin sa account natin hehe ****lene


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