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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Incredible Incredibles

Ever heard the line "No man is an island" ?
And do you know how true this statement is?
If you don't, then, I suggest you go see the flick "The Incredibles"
It's a super-hero action animated film packed with moral lessons to enlighten confused and egotistic views that we, human beings as well as heroes, have in common....such as, swallowing our pride and acknowledging that we can't possibly do everything ALONE, and that we do need the help of others every now and then.
Of course, the movie isn't just about ego and stuffs like that, for it doesn't lack in terms of comedy and romance to relax, soothe and entertain one's soul.
Great for peeps of all ages if I should say! Truly incredible these Incredibles!


  • At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Jaz. I've watched the Incredibles last saturday at shangri....I think I saw you with someone...who's the guy? haha! BUKING ka ngayon nho?!


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