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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sweat It Out!

Parched lips....
Sweaty palms....
Fiery eyes smoldering with sensation....
Heated and aroused bodies trembling in anticipation as one drives it in to the other, while the latter receives and returns the action....
Jerking movements continue, until finally, exhilarated shouts echo throughout....Yes, Oh Yes! SCORE 1 !!

This is the typical scene you'd encounter in a BADMINTON GAME...tsk tsk tsk, what were you guys thinking huh? I'll bet on a thousand bucks that your minds were cerebrating on some indecent thoughts there ei? tsk tsk tsk, VERY NAUGHTY of you hehehe. Let me remind you once again, guys, my webbie is for GENERAL PATRONAGE and not some PG or RATED18 or whatever you call it, and hence, don't expect that I'll be putting any sleazy articles here. Wholesome tayo dito nho!

Badminton -- currently the latest craze in healthy living. Never thought I'd be enjoying the sport as much as I do volleyball & softball, and never in my hopes that it could be so addictive. Surely if badminton's a drug, I'd be swimming HIGH with it...and that is just after some 4 game sessions I've had with my childhood pals & their pals & their pals' pals.

Now what exactly is making this sport such a HIT among peeps of all ages? Well, for one, the game is relatively easy to play (just hold the racquet & hit the flying feathered thing they call a "shuttlecock" and your own your way to getting high with the game.....uh, just make sure that you don't hit any other flying feathered objects other than the shuttlecock, or else it's called FOWL...haha...lousy joke).

Second, the game doesn't have so many troublesome rules as there are in Basketball, Golf or Tennis.

Third, it is less strenuous and accident-free than any other extreme sports...unless of course you attempt on catching/returning the shuttlecock to your opponent by sliding or diving in on the taraflex courts like I do....though not intentional...haayy, my body can't seem to comprehend that the badminton sport needs only proper stepping and occasional chases rather than actually chasing/diving for EVERY single ball that is sent my way just like in a volley game...oh well, more practice for me there hmm?

Fourth, the game is definitely one good form of exercise and is a natural way of trimming down inches of fat & burning excess calories. Plus, it is good for the heart & muscles (just like my Century tuna....hmm..tama bang i-promote ang product?! hehe). It is also an excellent way of releasing stress and tension. Trust me on this, I've got the word TENSE written all over me and badminton is my way of releasing it N-I-C-E-L-Y....well, it does seem better to focus my energies on the game & smash shuttlecocks rather than biting someone's head off, doesn't it? haha! But really, it is a form of healthy living and when we are healthy on the inside, it naturally shows on our outward, that means, less facial lines and wrinkles for you....literally, rejuvenation of the skin, body & mind.

Fifth, (my last, though there are, am certain, more reasons why the game is such a hit) is N-e-t-w-o-r-k-i-n-G. Badminton is a great way of meeting new friends and contacts....or maybe even potential and OuT of business =P

So, come on! Let's sweat it out and get physical!


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