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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Today's one of those days wherein am wearily stuck inside my ice-teal colored car along the jammed northbound Edsa road. Its Seven-ish in the morn on my watch...Sigh. Traffic is getting much more worse these days. Before, there's practically just a handful of cars out on the streets at this time of the day, but now, there's prolly a thousand times fold! Talk about 'Pinas being a poor country.....just look at these cars left and right, how could a poor country have so much automobiles?! Makes you wonder, huh?

Well this traffic is starting to get on my nerves now. Didn't had a good night's sleep and I was up relatively early this morn (well, I have to get to the office earlier today to do some UNfinished business) so that prolly explains my precarious mood & nerves. Oh buggah! I hate being stuck in traffic....if I'd known I'll be stuck this early, I'd prolly be rolling in bed for a couple more hours of zzzzz's to complete an 8-hour beauty sleep regimen!

What could be causing this traffic? Could it be that there's an accident somewhere along the way? Could it be public utility vehicles like buses, FX or taxies greedily occupying 2 or more lanes by positioning their autos diagonally (some even horizontally) while competing for the attention of passengers over the vertical route of Edsa? Or could it be an MMDA officer or two causing mayhem to the existing traffic rules? Haayy...there's no hope for 'Pinas in this area of responsibility. Might as well open my radio and relax.....As I switched on my car stereo to some unknown station behind the continued rumbling of engines stuck in the length of Edsa, I was immediately caught on hold by a feeling of nostalgia from the music coming out of the frequency.....back to the 80's and songs of past. Yea, I still remember those songs being played over the air....."Hold On" by the former sylph Wilson sisters & friend Chynna Phillips tandem known as Wilson Phillips, and the virginal strain "Let's Wait a While" by the now scantily clad, boob exposing persona of the previously chin-to-toe ensembled Janet Jackson. The 80's were, I guess, my looniest times (well, of course, I was only a little fry then, so festive & loony I truly was)....I distinctly recall just sitting over my grandparent's terrace each summer eating "binatog", "japanese mango", "santol" and "macopa" while enthusiastically singing along with such songs. I also remember now that I used to dance to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" dance craze of Rick Ashley and had persistently tried imitating Madonna's Mickey Mouse voice & getup in "Material Girl" and her striking poses in the video "Vogue". Haha, siguro if you could see me back then doing all those, you'd prolly be having laughing fits for the rest of your life!

I guess I can say that I really miss those good ol' days.....the memories most especially and not the huge, highly tissed hair & the ill-fitting clothes that we had (uh, was it T-shirt tucked into full-blown flowery or polka-dot tablecloth skirts with matching white rubber shoes?!)....yeah, definitely not those. haha. nice to be reminiscing the days past once in awhile.....I admit, I don't usually do this nowadays with all the piles of work and stuffs that I have to do, but the fondness of all those memories surely puts a curve on my lips now....and this panorama that I have today....will be prolly another nostalgic event in my years to come when I shall have to sit & reflect back once more.


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