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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Time Value of Relationships

Another Sunday just flew out the window….and here I am, again, all alone in my private little space in the office. Everything lies motionless, except for some little mickey mouses and some minuscule spidees off and about at this early Monday morning. It’s only 6:20AM on my watch. Looking across the street from where I’m standing behind our office’s semi-tinted glass windows, a parking lot remains entirely vacant but which would fill up in about an hour or so; a flimsy-uniformed maid half-walking & half-dragging her owner’s restless golden retriever around the corner lot; a pedestrian crossing unhurriedly down the idle street to where a gasoline station stands and where its workers are yet to prep up for another busy day….so peaceful and quiet….Ortigas Center has yet to wake up beneath the warm rays of the October sunshine slowly creeping its way out of the cumulus clouds overshadowing it. This is what I like the most in waking up and being in the office a lot too soon every morn…..a relatively serene & tranquil time…for myself.

From my self-declared observation deck, I made my way to our kitchen pantry and mixed myself a cup of 3-in-1 instant coffee. Instant. Hah! Everything’s instant nowadays. Rarely would you see items on supermarket shelves that require anything more than 3 minutes of cooking/preparation. Seems so impliedly attuned to the concept that time is of the essence nowadays, isn’t it? But should it? I’ve noticed, though quite recently, that our quality of life seems to be deteriorating as fast as it is improving. We all hustle and bustle about to get ourselves the finer things in life to rid us of all the functions and routines of every day life in order to facilitate our work and chores and thus save on much-needed precious time, but at the same time, losing it just as well to more work and trivial things. Just what is it you’re endeavoring to save precious time for? For more work? Hah, should that be the case, I feel sorry for you. There are more things in this life worth spending time for than just plain work, work and work. I do not dare say that work is of no importance, but that in comparison to other things, it is not the entire world.

Truth be told, I have been in that same bondage as some of you are probably in now. For the past couple of years, work and more work was the center of my universe. I worked hard to attain financial freedom & security - to buy things that I need and want, and to pay for my own bills and to help take care of my household; I worked hard to gain power - a name for myself….a name that is well-known and respected, probably even feared & loathed by some in the companies that I’ve worked with; I worked hard as a living proof – that my mom (despite her setbacks in life) was able to raise up a “NengGan” (capable & competent) daughter. Not bad for someone with still a couple more years to go before formally exiting the number of days on a monthly calendar. But all these did not bring me lasting happiness. What success (for some) that I already have, wasn’t the least bit satisfying. I thought, if I drove myself harder and farther up the ladder of success, then would I only find the happiness and contentment that I truly deserve. Foolish me for thinking and acting the way I did! For continually pushing myself up, I was dragging myself down….My relationship with my mom & some of my friends & colleagues suffered. I was constantly agitated and at a loss. Only when my mom got terribly sick over a year ago did I finally wake up from such stupor/frenzy. I guess I finally realized that life is too short to waste myself and efforts over riches, fame or glory…all of which are set only to give you temporary happiness. If you really want to find true happiness, put all your cares and worries in the wisdom that the Lord would see you through. If you really want to find happiness and contentment, look within yourself to find the “U” that you are underestimating and the family and loved ones that you are wielding apart.

Lately, I’ve found my joys in simple pleasures like spending quality time with my mom and friends. I buy lesser of these “instant” thingees and enjoy the time me & mama spend with each other in preparing the “actual” thingees. Through the constant support of my closest friends, I found the courage to say “NO” to my bosses when my means prohibit me from taking on additional work….even if entails no further salary increases or possible termination for me. I even got my butt back in school for MBA….something I’ve always been planning on but never really gotten to actually doing, until now. My weekend scheds are still usually full….but not from work any longer….rather, for some sports, relaxation, bonding, occasional group projects in school or whatever I wanna do . Still quite busy….but not quite stressing for a change.

Work will always be around….there’s always so much to do in so little time, but make sure that you make each moment count. This I say to you, readers, value more the people and relationships that you have (including that with yourself). Value the importance of TIME….but make sure that you manage it well, rather than having it manage you to hell! =P


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