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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Match Made In The Badminton Courts

Last Sunday’s badminton game was prolly my bestest ever….It was the first time for me then, since starting with the badminton craze about 8 weeks ago, that I didn’t miss more than 5 shots in any game that I had my butt into…..and that’s considering I had only about an average of 4.5 hours of zzzz’s over the entire week! That’s pretty good already for someone who gets to successfully return a shot only about 5 times for an entire 3 hour session, haha =) So is this the beginning of my badminton career? Yeah, yeah, In my Dreams!

Of course, I don’t wanna sound like an incessant badminton braggart now, so I guess I have to spurt out the fact that I was paired up with relatively good players. Uhm…no, not just good, but rather, GREAT players. You know, those types that could easily tackle on 2 worthy adversaries all by themselves and are still able to emerge victorious afterwards? Actually, they’re soooo darn good that I don’t need to do anything anymore (‘cept to act like a dummy partner) inside the court haha! Nah, of course I did my part! Am actually getting the hang of the game already and my volleyball skills are starting to reveal and establish itself in terms of the badminton game. Not long now, am sure I’d be able to smash shuttlecocks the way I smash my volleys. =) But till then, mangarap na lang muna ako ng gising hehehe.

Now, speaking of my partners (all of whom happen to be guys), one of ‘em had the same getup as mine….not entirely….but extremely CLOSE. I was wearing a dark blue shirt with neckline & sleeve-ends of the color red matched with gray jogging pants with white linings on both sides, while he was wearing a black shirt with the same red neckline & sleeve-ends paired with gray cutoff shorts with white linings on both sides like mine. Considering that my getup is not what’s usual, especially on the color combination, it really is kinda weird for me to see someone with my “almost-identical” getup. But what’s really funny is that we both didn’t notice our getups until all of our other friends started hooting the uuuuyyyy’s and the yiheee’s at us. Someone even joked that we might have prolly communicated our attires with each other beforehand…to which we both exclaimed “Hindi nho! We just met!” in collaboration, which of course led to more raucous and hoots from our mentally-wicked friends. Haay, intriga nanaman!

From our “near-likeness” ensembles, to our blushing visages & more than similar reactions and responses, down to our winning ‘doubles’ game streak, we both weren’t spared of the “matchup” intrigues. While having our game, some friends of ours were already playing matchmakers & were continuously yakking that the reason why we kept on winning was because we’re both inspired with each other! Hello!!! The guy’s relatively good kaya with the sport…..siyempre, with an itsy-bitsy help from me on the backroom, haha! Feeling! But seriously, I think the reason why we kept on bagging the winning crown was because we pretty much have the same wavelength…..well, just look at our attire and you’d know that we prolly have the same beautiful minds (cough cough!) hehe…plus the fact that we do help each other out…..I stay on guard in front while he does his work at the back. Good teamwork, right? Sure is. Well, of course it wouldn’t hurt if we do think alike, right? I guess, we are a match made in heaven, este, in the badminton courts pala. =)

…Uh oh, I think I shouldn’t have said that! Oh No!! Am never gonna get away with all the badgering this’ll cause! =P


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