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Friday, October 29, 2004

I Got Bragging Rights!!

"Jaz, guess what?!!" Teng exclaimed as she barged in on our Business Law class during the break.
"Yeah, what?" I replied nonchalantly
"You passed the Management Principles validating exam!!" she remarked
"I what?! Really????" that got my full attention now.
"Yes you did...and only 2 of you passed!"
"Aww..come on, you must be kiddin' me, Teng. The results haven't been posted when I checked earlier."
"Totoo nga, you passed. You're JASMIN CHAN right? Ikaw lang naman siguro ang Jasmin Chan dito sa LSGH nho! The results are not yet posted nga, but we've asked na. If you don't believe me, go ask the GSB office."
Despite Teng's assurance, I still gave her the suspicious look.
"Alright Jaz, I'll accompany you to the GSB office....that way, you'd know if I am telling the truth."

"Ms. Mina, I...."
"Ms. Chan, no need to passed. Actually, only 2 of you passed! Congrats!"
"Oh, uh, um..." for the first time in years, am dumbfounded...I didn't know what to say 'cept for a slight mutter of "thanks".

I slowly opened the door to our class where my classmates are waiting for my results confirmation. Not being able to contain the suspense any longer, a classmate of mine called out " So...?"
A slow grin crept up my face & peals of hurrahs & congrats' filled the air & broke through the silence of the room.
"Libre, libre, libre..." chanted some classmates
"Tuna naman diyan" Aga & Frances called out almost simultaneously
Whoa, thank you so much Lord for allowing me to pass that bitch of an exam(uh, sorry bout that word)...rather, arduous exam....but now Lord, I think I'll pass out on the notion of having an entire class of 30 something to feed!
"Alright guys, tig-IISANG lata kayo ng tuna" I replied while mentally calculating the total cost...Uh oh, there goes my budget for the week!
"Grabe sure saved a lot in passing that subject. Imagine, you save around 6-10k of tuition, on time & a LOT on effort on case studies & projects!" Frances explained.
"Yeah. A lot of savings for you there, Jaz. Galing mo talga. Genio! Promil Kid ka rin siguro nho?" Kit cajoled.
"Haha, more like Bona Kid for me. Liza is the Promil Kid in this class!" I joked back.

My! This day's turning out mighty fine for me. First, I've got my name plastered in the Dean's List section of our campus, and now, am being held up on a pedestal for passing one of the most difficult (if not the most difficult) validating exam...seems too good to be true huh? Well, not that am no good academically speaking, as my undergraduate grades could have proclaimed me a Cum Laude if not for my Filipino teacher giving me a 1.5 in her subject which eliminated me from joining the scholarly ranks! hmph! not really expecting that I'd do well in this MBA stuff....but all these praises tonight is sort of like lifting me high into cloud 9....not a bad feeling...gonna possibly get hooked with this feeling hehe....Hah! I have a couple of things to say pala to those peeps who eagerly thought and secretly wished that I'd not make it to the cut....."IN YOUR FACE!!! I bet you are so envious that I not only made it to the cut, but I managed to be one of the only 2 persons to make it!" hahaha....ruthless with words, aren't I?NAH! just got BRAGGING RIGHTS! =P


  • At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Genio ka pa rin no matter what!


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