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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Inferential Hysteria

Step 1: State the null and alternative hypothesis
Step 2: Determine the level of significance
Step 3: Set criterion
Step 4: Compute for the related statistical test (Z-test: One-tail Left End Test; One-tail Right End Test; Two-tail Test)
Step 5: Conclusion: Accept or Reject Hypothesis

Oh! Hi guys! Sorry bout that. I was just trying to refresh my memory of our stat lesson “Steps in Hypothesizing” in preparation for my quiz tomorrow. Uh, I wonder, what will be the probability of me passing that exam given a 90% confidence level? And how many percentage of our class would score above the grade 2.0 taking into consideration a 0.50 population standard deviation? And what if….er, wait guys, let me get a hold of myself, I think I've gone overboard with my stat review this time.

Relax…Breathe Jaz…Now, do you guys know that we can make statistical inferences on almost anything? (Uh, sorry guys, I can’t seem to get the stat out of my mind.)

Take for instance, moi, that there's only a 50% probability that I'd pass tomorrow's exam, to which a grade of 2.0 could well be stated as 1:8 chance for me and my which the percentage of our entire class getting a passing score of 2.0 could be imputed to either the professor or the student which the probability that the professor either released an exceedingly difficult exam or is not really a good mentor should be taken into consideration as much as the student's lack of preparation or just plain stupidity in understanding the subject matter, and of course, to which the impending results would justify either the prof or the pupil's expulsion, a 50:50 chance of success yet again. Confusing? Wait till you try drawing out a Decision Tree or that Bell-Shaped Area of Inclusion/Rejection Diagram from all these inferences.....Egads! That reminds me, I haven't browsed through my notes on those Regions of Inclusion/Exclusion Diagrams involving the Z-Tests for One-tail or Two-tail Test! Oh No! Panic mode! My level of confidence and significance would have to be re-adjusted & lowered to fit the circumstances! Blah blah!

Am sure sounding like a statistical oddball now, aren't I? Poo Hoo…can't help it, all these business statistic lessons is sure driving me nuts with all the seemingly perpetual inferences that I have to make. Oh well, I better quit this blog of mine for now ‘coz I bet you all seem to be on your shoes ready to clobber me out of my wits and save me from complete inferential hysteria! Haha! Till the next statistical blog, Chow! =P


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