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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

RainDrops Keep Falling on My Head

Have you guys ever experienced being caught offhand by a rainfall? If you haven't, then lucky you! I almost always get literally soaked through and through by these sudden outpours. Imagine me walking in broad daylight wearing light-colored slacks & high heels one minute and the next minute you see me all drenched up in dingy slacks & squishy heels....Goddamnit! Why does it always have to rain on me when I'm wearing light-colored clothes?!!! Sheesh!

Well anyway, today's no exception...I got out of my newly-washed & waxed auto wearing another light piece garment, checked the sunny weather, grabbed my thingies & proceeded to walk out of the open parking lot. Just as I was wounding up the corner of the parking lot into our adjacent office building, you guessed it! Droplets, no, make that bucketfuls of rainwater poured down the clear blue sky! What the?!?!! It ain't suppose to rain this time of the year and besides there's not even a single hint that it would on this clear day! Man, I can't believe this! I feel as if the song "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head" was made just exactly for me....sigh...


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